Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to style a basic black Tshirt in 5 different ways.

I look up my closet and I see,what do I see you ask,BLACK!
I am a black addict,I have a black tshirt in all neck type,sleeve length type,embellished,plain,you name it and I have it. And then I wondered who wouldn't?
Come on until you are an alien,or a really color loving person *chuckles* you would for obvious reasons have a basic black tshirt!

Obvious reasons:
It makes you look slim
It makes you look SLIM!
Oh yes it also makes you look SLIM!

Plus black is a very elegant and edgy colour. So today I have tried to show you how you can style a basic black tshirt in 5 different ways!

  • The Geek Chic. 

I personally love how cute and chic this style is!

To achieve this look,I added a turquoise blue high waist shorts and tied up a neon yellow belt. Completely contrast to the look I added grey sneakers with purple laces. The glasses and neon clips *doesnt look like neon in photos* gave more definition to the look. You can also add a floral print watch if you like!

  • The Corporate player.

This is favourite look out of the lot. Simply because this is my style,clean and sophisticated.

To get this look I added a beige long skirt which I tied just under my empire line,tied a golden belt to add some jazz and matched my pumps to the belt. I also added a golden cuff to amp up the look *khi khi khi*

  • The Brunch Diva

To be very honest with you,I am personally not very comfortable with print on print,but experimentation sake tried this and surprisingly liked it too!

To get this look I wore a pin stripe print legging and added a floral print short blazer on top. To keep messiness out of the already chaotic prints I tied up my hair and added red and white earrings as well as heels.

  • The laidback lady

I love how breezy and fresh this outfit loos,something I had never tried earlier myself!

I wore a loose Royal blue skirt,added a swarovski belt,and lace slippers.
The hair helps too! Make a messy braid and add a headband behind your bangs! *viola!*

  • The Date dazzler

This look is apt for those romatic dinner date that you have planned out with your boyfriend or even friends!

For this look I added a flare lace skirt and tied it on my empire line. Add a pop of colour (you can choose any,I love the combo of pink and black) by adding a neon belt and coordinate it with shoes and jewelry!

So this is how I came up with 5 different ways of styling on simple black tshirt,without the mainstream jeans and tshirt combo!

Which was your favourite look? And do you want more such styling blogposts? Tell me!


  1. I loved all the looks. Butthe last look is best. U luk great

  2. You look cute in all your looks but last one is the best! Nice post honey <3

  3. Loved the one in blue and the corporate look.

  4. I loved all your looks! Beautiful shots taken...even I love black =..its something i gravitate towards too often :)

    1. Black is the most attractive colour I guess :)

  5. oooooh such a lovely post! I loved the date dazzler look. U look gorgie babe :*

  6. loved all of them! you really inspire me! Can you do a hair tutorial of the last blue color outfit.. really loved how elegant it is and best for summers! Pls make a tutorial of it on ua youtube channel!