Saturday, April 5, 2014

Neon Pony.

You know there are just some days when you feel so happy-happy that you want to dress up in all the colours available? I was going through such happiness too when I put on these clothes.

Weird because I knew I had to talk to a lot of new people this day,and generally I'm not comfortable with it,somehow dressing up like this gave a boost of confidence and my day went super awesome!

Here I am wearing a neon pink *trust me the true colour didn't show up and it is  1000 times more gorgeous!* tshirt with black jeans.

To add more colour to the outfit I added a neon yellow stud bag and neon yellow belt. *woohoo*

And I stuck to hot ink flat slippers for comfort.


That's how I dress up when I am crazily happy,what about you? Tell me!


  1. I agree, some days wearing bright colors brightens up the entire day.. :)
    Your pics are too cute Shreya, loved your bag

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  3. U luk so gorgeous.. Pls tell from where u bought all this stuff? Even i want to come to Delhi for huge shopping. Pls tell me some really cheap and best markets and shops in details. You can even do a detailed post for it but pls do it asap. I'll be really helpful.