Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meet me midway

I don't know how many trends have I already missed because of my body consciousness. Like how many! I can't even count,and some I really liked,so you know I don't want to miss on any trend now and obviously only if I like it.
Here is it *taadaa*

I paired a sequins stripe net tshirt with a midi skirt. Now very honestly,I am not sure as to how this look works out,this you have to guide me on.so yes,Tell me. *pretty please?*

As I wasn't well this night,I kept my accessories minimal,actually it is just a cuff,so yeah *bleh*

And I wore these strappy sandals.

My face is totally giving it off that I am sick,isn't it? *bleh*

So this was one trend I was looking forward to wear,what trend are you planning to rock? Tell me!