Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Diamond Cell

If I have to name one body part I'm most conscious of,it has got to be my thighs hands down *sad cries*

I have been blessed *pun* *ofcourse intended* with the heaviest thighs of all times (too much exaggeration? Yes I love drama!) so anything that makes my thighs look slimmer is my instant best friend! For example these leggings right here!

Oops! I cropped out my face *chuckles*

I had to attend this dinner thingy with people,now I hate people,really I hate people,don't go on my ever smiling at you face,it is a facade. Coming back,I wore this diamond print leggings with a sheer black long at the back top.

To add some colour I added pink spaghetti and pink belt.

As you can see I added two dainty bangles in pink as well and yep,the shoes too!

A few more pics!

How do you dress up for fomal-ish dinner? Tell me!

What am I wearing:
Sheer top : Vero Moda
Pink Spaghetti : Westside
Pink belt : Asos.com
Legging : Rosewholesale.com
Shoes: Marie Claire
Bangles : Street shopping

PS-Happy April fool's day! *khi khi khi*


  1. U look great in those dimond leggings..
    I like to wear a LBD for a dinner
    I am inviting you to enter my JollyChic Easter Giveaway

  2. Long time shreya, lets catch up some day .:)

  3. I would go in for black jeans - levis skin fit and a pink v neck with a black and pink leapord print scarf around, - Natasha di :)

  4. I like everything but shoes..