Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Do I even need to state that I love ombre? I think my hair is a proof in itself!
Also I wanted to do some more "wearable" outfits (not that my other outfits aren't,but you get it,right? okay never mind!) Blih!

Soooo,I combined those two ideas together to make this!

I paired this ombre top with white jeans (tip: keep the shade of the bottom near to the shade of the last colour of the top,do I make sense? No? Well I'm having a hard day today then!)


I added heels in the darkest shade of the ombre family I am sporting (Reall I am having such a tough time in making sense today!)

To break the monotony of this look I added a splash of colour via a neon bag! *lovestruck*

And ofcourse shades in this weather are a must!

This look is so wearable and yet so stylish!

More looks like these? Let me know!

Selfie mode on! *khi khi khi*

Outfit details:

Top: USPA (United States Polo Association)
Jeans: USPA (United States Polo Association)
Heels: Venus
Shades: Mango
Bag: Sarojini Nagar

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