Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to: Body con dress day to night

Ever since my childhood days I have hated rules,especially the rule related to fashion. I feel everyone has their own perception towards fashion and its not necessary to stick to a dress according to a body type. If you like it,feel confident in it,then rock it.
Anyhoo this wasn't a dress-body type type of post *ha-ha*
Who said body-cons are just for the night? *NOT ME*

Let's rock the con from day to night!


For the day look,I layered my dress with a chiffon Chinese collar shirt to tone down the look a bit and make it more casual-y. I made a high doughnut bun,again for that lad back feel and tie ups.

Outfit details:
Shirt: Street shopping
Tie ups: Jaipur


For this,I let my hair down,added a bright pink lippie,added 2 ankle bracelets and let out my heels,and *BAM* ready to rock the night!

Outfit details:
Heels: Enroute
Ankle bracelets: Street shopping

Will you too now rock the body con in day time? Tell me!

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